Topical Jokes: 6/2/2020

Zappos says its customer service reps will talk to callers about anything. In other words, Zappos has found a way to make customers uncomfortable without assisting them trying on shoes. In support of Black Lives Matter, Grindr has removed their ethnicity filter. A nice gesture, however the profile pics are a dead giveaway. Apple announcedContinue reading “Topical Jokes: 6/2/2020”

Topical Jokes: 6/1/2020

A Florida High School graduation ceremony was held on a boat, where the principal handed out diplomas using a grabber while the graduating seniors came by on jet skis. When asked if this was due to coronavirus- the principal responded, “What’s coronavirus?” Scientists studying an ancient Israeli altar discovered 2000 year old cannabis residue. ScientistsContinue reading “Topical Jokes: 6/1/2020”

Topical Jokes: 05/29/2020

Las Vegas plans to reopen in one week. The decision was made by its city council, or as they’re more commonly known, The Blue Man group. A Russian barber performed over 90 haircuts in a 48-hour marathon. It was only supposed to be one haircut but every time he tried closing a new customer wouldContinue reading “Topical Jokes: 05/29/2020”

Topical Jokes: 5/28/2020

One day after Twitter added fact-checks to two of the president’s tweets, Trump signed an executive order that would make it easier to hold social media sites liable for content posted on their platforms. Social Media sites responded by saying, “you just wait until you forget your password.” Fun Fact: The two astronauts in Saturday’sContinue reading “Topical Jokes: 5/28/2020”

Topical Jokes: Week Ending 7/20/18

The makers of Crocs have announced they’re coming out with a high-heeled shoe. As a result, some prince will finally be able to find his white trash Cinderella.   Dunkin’ Donuts is partnering with Harpoon Brewery to release a coffee-infused beer. Harpoon said they’re excited to learn the art of making an inconsistent cup ofContinue reading “Topical Jokes: Week Ending 7/20/18”

Topical Jokes: Week Ending 7/13/18

Three more “Game of Thrones” pilots are in the works at HBO, all set in different time periods with different characters and storylines. These shows promise to kill off the most people- their fanbase.   The founder of Papa John’s Pizza used the n-word during a conference call. He later expressed remorse, saying that usingContinue reading “Topical Jokes: Week Ending 7/13/18”

Topical Jokes: Week Ending 7/6/18

President Trump’s upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin is rumored to be a one-on-one meeting. Since taking office, this is President Trump’s first performance review.   The website offering Official Trump Merchandise is holding a July 4th sale. Buyers get 40% off with coupon code FREEDOM. Items are already selling out, like the popularContinue reading “Topical Jokes: Week Ending 7/6/18”

Topical Jokes: Week Ending 6/29/18

A Minor League Baseball team in Pennsylvania is selling a hot dog wrapped in cotton candy topped with Nerds candies. In other words, Pennsylvania has legalized euthanasia.   A Kentucky distillery warehouse collapsed and damaged thousands of barrels of whiskey. The forklift driver that escaped passed his medical evaluation but failed his DUI test.  Continue reading “Topical Jokes: Week Ending 6/29/18”

Topical Jokes: Week Ending 6/22/18

Apple is updating iPhone software so users’ precise location will be shared in the event they dial 911. It almost could be described as an app that helps police locate racist white women.   An Ohio man was recently arrested after attacking his roommate with a rolling pin. No charges were filed and police hopeContinue reading “Topical Jokes: Week Ending 6/22/18”

Topical Jokes: Week Ending 6/15/18

President Trump predicts that him and Kim Jung Un will solve a ‘big problem,’ have a ‘terrific relationship.’ In other words, they’re doing an escape the room.   On Tuesday, a cow named Char won the “sexiest cow in Britain” award. And with that they also got the cover for next month’s issue of BonContinue reading “Topical Jokes: Week Ending 6/15/18”